It’s been quite some time since last time I wrote something to update my current status. So here I am writing this to both reflect what I have been up to, and also plan my near future a bit.

So the transition to college for me was actually not as difficult as I thought. With a reasonable course load, I feel somewhat comfortable in this new home. Although by no means I am saying this transition is such a smooth one that there is essentially no obstacles, it certainly went much better than what I expected.

I guess I would really start off talking about the “sad” part of this newly found “home”. Compared to high school, living in a much larger campus with much more people means I no longer gets to “know” everyone. Which is essentially sad for me, who came from a private high school with very limited amount of students. If I had to say this would certainly be a great change for me. Within the limited amount of people I can know, I been trying to approach some local people here as they really seemed nicer. I mean I had always know that the Chinese community is usually not as united as the Korean community when in an institution setting; however, I never saw this being at such a profound level. I have seen some people that judge others purely based on the appearance without justification. I mean honestly, that is your choice to do that, I respect you. What I don’t feel good about is that you make fun of others without knowing what is actually going on. This is essentially wrong just from every perspective: on one level, you have no “natural born right” to judge others and make fun of them; then you are actually NOT better than anyone else, for the fact, no one is. With a group of people here being like this, it really makes the entire community a mess. I started off thinking about how to get around this problem, but it just turned out to be impossible. The only way is to get out of the community altogether: that not what I want either. As some people are blinded by those who do not actually have proper reasoning skills, they are fooled to believe the surface. I am not here wining, although it may certainly sounds like it. The point of this article is one to relief myself from this crazy mess, two I just want to document my thoughts through time, as this is what this blog is created for.