I am truly surprised, surprised by the world, and human behavior. I do not know if it is me, or someone that’s behind pushing me.

I was changed, changed completely. A change that is never like anything before.

I am lonely and had almost always been lonely. This is probably the only unchanged thing about me.

The world around me is revolving, I understand that I have to change along as well. Well, I did, no matter what was the case, I tried, and apparently failed. Failed so badly that I have almost given up.

It’s still me, but a different me. A me that no longer acts what I want, but rather what people want to see.

I hate this.

I hate this so much, that it would probably be better just not to do anything altogether. I want the old me: the one that never stops trying, never care what other judge me.

I am sorry. Sorry for all that I have done; sorry for those people whom I hurt, sorry for those words that I said but never believed.

From today on, I want to be the old me, and a new me.